Safety Is Important for us!

Our safety goal is to have zero injuries and zero time lost because of accidents.

The safety, health, and well-being of our employees, subcontractors, owners, and the general public, is a critical component of our business.

FPA Construction employs AGC NYS, a third party safety consultant, to perform random jobsite inspections. In carrying out such compliance checks we ensure OSHA regulations are met and FPA safety practices are followed.

Safety inspections are conducted similar to that of an OSHA inspector. Items reviewed during safety checks include OSHA violations, hazardous conditions, and administrative regulation compliance, such as our written safety program, tool box safety talks, and required postings.

Following an inspection, the safety consultant distributes reports to FPA’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) committee outlining items covered during the visit. Information gathered from the reports aid the EHS committee in encouraging best practices, while at the same time adjusting weak areas.

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